Implementation of RD (Registered Devices) functionality at BC Points

I. UIDAI mandate

You are aware that UIDAI has advised all Banks to implement the RD (Registered Devices) functionality while performing Ekyc Verification & AEPS Transactions.

II. Action Points for ROINET

  • Corporate BCs must arrange for either whitelisting of the devices used by BC agents with the device vendors or obtaining adequate tokens f/rom device vendors for installation / reinstallation of RD services enabled device drivers in the respective PCs / Laptops of the BC agents.
  • Corporate BCs must ensure to obtain the RD services enabled device drivers from the respective OEMs (device vendors).
  • Corporate BCs must ensure that the RD services enabled devices drivers are properly installed in the respective PCs / Laptops of BC agents.
  • Corporate BCs must ensure that BCs use IE browser 11 as per UIDAI specifications.
  • Corporate BCs must ensure that BCs use PCs / LAPTOPs with genuine (non-pirate) higher OS of Windows (Windows 7 and above) as Windows XP is no longer under support and IE-11 shall not work in XP.
  • Obtain the details of devices, with serial number, etc., used by BC agents and share the same with our department for updating our records.

Also to enable these services in every FID device, there is additional cost of Approx Rs 250 per year per CSP as a (one time & AMC Cost)

So we have enable a functionality in our Xpresso to collect the Charge from CSP so that further we can provide this charge to Device vendor and get the Token for activating the RD Services.

Process would be as below:-

  • We have created a service under Wallet Management > CSP RD Service Charge.
  • CSP to choose the one FID device from Drop down menu and corresponding charge of rs 250 will be displayed and will be deducted from his Wallet while save the request.
  • Upon receptence of funds, our Helpdesk team will coordinate with that respective CSP and get his System registered with FID.
    • Morpho/CSD 200 will provide the Window based Activation link to us and provide the Alpha numeric activation code for every CSP basis the fund transfer.
    • CSP to run that activation link on that particular system and enter the Alpha numeric unique activation code. (make sure device is mandatorily connected with that system).
    • Auto utility will capture the Serial number of device and registered the Device(RD with particular vendor) . no need to capture any additional photograph to get the serial number of device manually.